Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Exprience With Windows

At that time I was in junior high, first time I used a computer and I do not know exactly what software, what software, what operating system, what is it with drivers and a lot of which I still do not know.

What I know, this is the computer. Computer was great! Can do whatever we want quickly. It's amazing! That was my thinking at that time.

Until finally I know, not a computer that is smart, but people who make a smart software. Really great! Then I asked again after learning this. When turn on the computer for the umpteenth time I ask myself: "
What is this? Why the name Windows? He circled around, and finally it says Windows XP. What is it?

Have inquired searchingly turns out it is the Operating System. And when I searched on google, there is the name of Bill Gates at the highlights. This time I was amazed again.

I really wanted to be like Bill Gates. He is very powerful. I've used 3 versions of Windows apps from Microsoft. Of the three versions, only one legal version of Windows 7 because I bought the Home Premium already installed with my new laptop. Other versions of Windows XP and Vista, still pirated.

Of all existing versions of Windows, Windows 7 is the most comfortable operating system I have ever used. I really like with all the features provided. Starting from the aero style, its service is good, and speed in booting and shutdown. The point is more comfortable and stable than previous versions

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