Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scholarships for whom?

Each student would want such thing as a scholarship. Hence with some scholarship student educational needs can be met. Everybody wants it. Even students from families rich enough, too.

They should have plenty of money who do not enjoy the fellowship that should be for people in need / not capable of its economy. But in reality, parents who have a lot of names so easily take care of their children for college scholarships abroad.

Why do people who are less able it difficult? Are not those who deserve a scholarship? Why it is abundant even get it? In a procedural scholarship is still a lot of fraud that occurred.

Why? Because employees who take care of those scholarships beasiwa also enjoy being in the care of a student. It's barbaric! Immoral. That money is needed for the advancement of education even in corruption. Corruption again!

The children of rich people who get the scholarships would not use that money for education. In fact, used to dissipate while the students were trying to get a scholarship that does not work to get it because no one in that connection therewith.

Until when corruption occurs in this country?

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