Sunday, February 13, 2011

Public Universities or Private Universities

When I was in high school my parents really wish I could get into public universities. Indeed at that time I do not know which one is better. Public universities or private universities. There are so many challenges to be faced if we want to study at state university ideal. When I have to follow the guidance to learn to establish itself for my big chance to enter it.

Studying late into the night. Stayed up late, sometimes snacking. Intermittent pain too late to play guitar in the head. Given the enormous challenges. Just imagine, I tried to beat the millions of prospective students who come from all cities in Indonesia.

UMBPTN, SNMPTN, PMP and many more are the paths that must be taken to be able to sit in public universities. There are a few of my friends who have spent many millions to be able to qualify for entry to study at public universities.

I was very lucky at that time. Since I only do one test only through UMBPTN and I accepted into my second choice in the North Sumatra University.

After I started studying at the college level that I think first of all is quality education and good facilities. But it was only a chimera. Lecturers no good. I wonder why the lecturers as they can teach us. How to teach him no better than a kindergarten teacher.

Coming to campus late. How did the students try to imitate his teachers? The material supplied at random. Everything slides. If only the slide, it's better to copy it to the flash disk.

Facilities are also terrible. Corruption of all employees. Already civil servants but also still licking student bags of deprivation. Chairman of our courses as well as dogs. I do not want to mention names here. In essence, I was very upset at all with my situation on this campus.

I am disappointed enter public universities. If there is a chance to enter private universities, I prefer the private universities. Despite the makeshift facilities, private universities more regularly in education. No cheating. Teaching and learning activities on schedule. There are no lazy professors. There are no corrupt officials.

Now select which ones? Public or private university?

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