Monday, February 14, 2011

Employees Corruptor

I do not know what is in the brains of the employees in Indonesia. The average of all of them were no-brainer. Got a job with enough salary is still less well. Money that should be enjoyed by the people also circumcised them. Employees who I mean here is the representative of the people who 'stay' in the hotel 'House of Representatives'.

It's outrageous. A public servant whose salary could be said not less than 3 million a month could have a gas station, even exceeding the salary regularnya money. Incredible. Behind it all poor people are increasingly powerless is increasing day by day.

Where lies the wisdom of the president in this country? I am surprised at all with corruption that has been merajarela in this beloved country. The police are supposed to uphold the truth now can easily distort the facts just for the sake of some bills.

No wonder we see many potbellied policemen. Maybe this is the sign of the result of corruption. Should the government to act decisively. But what power, if the government itself also has contracted the disease CCN.

There is no more justice in this country. Oh God, give us clues for the leader country in order to eradicate the corrupt in the country this homeland.

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